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LUXXE | HONOR Launches Non-Toxic and Natural Holiday Gift Guide


Give the gift of wellness for mind, body + spirit
from the signature collection or a custom gift basket


LA GRANGE, IL (October 29, 2021)LUXXE | HONOR, a natural product, and wellness company in the Chicagoland area, announces its 2021 Holiday Gift Guide and bundles of natural products for the season. With a background in aromatherapy and nursing, the company is on a crusade against toxins and stress to make clean and safe products to help people live happier and healthier lives.

2021 Holiday Collection Gift Sets:

Spa Day Bundle
Give the gift of a “DIY” at-home spa day! Make a friend or loved one feel special with a special bundle of non-toxic products made with organic essential oils that promote immunity + relaxation. Includes: Geranium + Vetiver Body Oil, Face Oil, Lymph Brush, Cleansing Oil in a Hemp Pouch $80 Per Gift

Be Your Best Bundle
Gift this bundle to yourself or a friend that needs an extra boost! All of these carefully crafted non-toxic products are perfect for on-the-go, and help to uplift the mind, body and soul.
Includes: Focus Roll-On, Rosemary + Ylang Ylang Body Oil, Tokyo Citrus Travel Candle in a Hemp Pouch.
$48 Per Gift

Zen Gift Bundle
This Gift Set is for anyone who needs a bit of extra grounding through the holiday season. All of these products are made with grounding and calming essential oils to encourage connectivity and self-care. Includes: Ground Roll-On, Geranium + Vetiver Body Oil, Sandalwood Travel Candle in a Hemp Pouch $48 Per Gift

Sweet Dreams Bundle
Gift this bundle to anyone struggling with falling or staying asleep, or anyone that deserves a little more peace as they wind down at night. Lavender + Mandarin promote relaxation + groundedness. Includes Sleep Roll-On, Lavender + Mandarin Body Oil, Lavender Travel Candle in a Hemp Pouch. $48 Per Gift

2021 Signature Collection Gift Sets:

Women’s Holiday Bundle
Make the women in your life feel extra special + cared for with this uplifting ultimate self-care bundle. Includes: Full Sized Candle, Necklace, Bath Salt, Face Oil, Love EO Roll-On, Cleansing Oil, Rosemary + Ylang Ylang Body Oil, Lymph Brush, Lip Scrub in a Jute Bag.
$175 Per Gift

Men’s Holiday Bundle
Let the men in your life know that they deserve non-toxic self-care, too!
Includes: Dry Brush, Body Scrub, Brown EO Diffuser, Sleep EO Blend, Peppermint Deodorant, Focus Roll-On, Shaving Cream, Lip Balm in a Jute Bag
$135 Per Gift

Teen Holiday Bundle
Send your teens back to school or into the colder months feeling refreshed and restored with our 100% non-toxic products.
White EO Diffuser, Dry Shampoo, Lavender Deodorant, Sleep EO Blend, Hand Sanitizer, Lip Balm, Bracelet, Focus EO Roll-On, Head EO Roll-On in Jute Bag
$140 Per Gift

Housewarming Gift
Gift your hosts (or yourself) a bundle of joy to keep their homes smelling + feeling fresh! This is also a great gift for teachers + workers.
Tea Towel, Sage Bundle, Dryer Balls, One + Done Disinfectant Cleaner Spray, Room Spray, Odor Control Mist, EO Diffuser, Holiday Diffuser EO Blend
$96 Per Gift

LUXXE | HONORproducts are all non-toxic, made with safe and authentic ingredients that work toward improving the overall wellness of the mind, body + spirit. All ingredients are grown and produced in ethical and sustainable ways, without the use of pesticides, never using fragrance, phthalates, parabens, petrochemicals, or GMOs. All packaging is recyclable.

To shop LUXXE | HONOR products or to learn more about its wellness services, visit


LUXXE | HONORis a natural product company coupled with wellness services. The company’s goal is to create healthy, clean products for its consumers as well as to educate others on the benefits of living a happy lifestyle. Originally named Luxxe Organix Wellness Studio + Natural Product Company by founder Jennifer Del Giudice, it was not until 2017 that the company made the name change to LUXXE | HONOR. All-natural wellness products are marketed as non-toxic, authentic, and premium quality. Services can be booked through their website; including facials, energy coaching, massage, and reiki. The products sold include therapeutic essential oil blends and aromatherapy.


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