Discount on Deodorant Designed with Cancer Patients in Mind
Donation with Every Purchase

LA GRANGE, IL (October 11, 2021) – LUXXE | HONOR, a natural product company and wellness studio, is offering a 10% discount on all deodorants along with a 10% donation to the Wellness House in Hinsdale during the month of October, as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. LUXXE | HONOR deodorants were one of the company’s first products, designed with breast cancer patients in mind.

“I developed my deodorant without aluminum and used all natural ingredients to heal the body,” explains Jen Del Giudice, owner and founder of LUXXE | HONOR. “I chose three scents using all natural essential oils that are healing to the body, each with different properties.”

The lavender essential oil is deodorizing, antibacterial, calming and great for sensitive skin. The peppermint is deodorizing, uplifting and great for gut issues and headaches. The lemongrass is deodorizing, uplifting, great for circulation and cellulite.

“We want people to know that it is okay to sweat!” says Del Giudice. “One way we detox our bodies is to expel toxins through our axillary glands. Most people spend years using antiperspirants, blocking their pores from excreting toxins. We want to change this mindset: once someone uses a natural deodorant, one sweats less.”

Shoppers who purchase any of the three LUXXE | HONOR deodorants using code PINK during the month of October will receive 10% off the purchase price and LUXXE | HONOR will donate 10% to the Wellness House in Hinsdale, which offers complete cancer wellness support for people living with cancer and their families.

The LUXXE | HONOR Approach

Toxins come from a startling array of commonly used face, body and hair care products containing chemicals that can cause harm to physical and mental health. As a registered nurse, Del Giudice saw the impact of these toxins on patients’ health. After becoming an aromatherapist and oncology-certified aesthetician, she was convinced there was a better way and developed LUXXE | HONOR natural products to soothe and heal the skin and body.

Del Giudice believes that many health stressors today are related to a weak gut caused by the inability to metabolize toxins and that people are suffering emotionally and physically not only because of chemicals in food and the air, but in products.

LUXXE | HONOR offers plant-based, 100% therapeutic oils and blends, along with skin care, facial and body lotions, and deodorants that are seen as simple, serene, safe, and sensuous. Lightweight and fast absorbing body oils and lotions include rosemary, ylang ylang, lavender oil, organic jojoba oil, organic coconut oil, and other natural ingredients that moisturize, smooth, protect, and nurture your skin and sense of well-being.


Jen Del Giudice founded LUXXE | HONOR as a natural product company and wellness studio in La Grange, Illinois, in 2014. A registered nurse, aromatherapist and oncology certified aesthetician, Del Giudice has developed a line of hand-crafted, organic, plant-based products. She is on a cleansing crusade to educate people on the hidden dangers of toxins in products and decrease stress. She is motivated by helping others on a deeper health level, supporting the mindset of de-stressing and keeping family balance.

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