November Blog: There Is No Planet B


There Is No Planet B

It's no secret that our planet is on the brink of a severe environmental crisis.The current crises our planet faces require immediate attention from each and every one of us. The environment in which we surround ourselves with is important. We each have a role to fulfill as a human being to respect nature and help this world to thrive. The following items have some of the greatest impact on earth’s bodies of water. Don’t worry, we have alternatives.

Plastic bottles: switch to reusable, and when you do use plastic be sure to recycle.

Beverage cans: Aluminum is always recyclable, hold on to them until you find a bin.

Glass beverage bottles: Save them for vases! Use soapy water to soak off the labels.

Plastic and foam packaging: Try to find eco-friendly alternatives.

Cigarette butts: Quit. For your health and for mother earth. Until you do, dispose of them in the garbage.

Food and drink wrappers: Bring a reusable container or cup to your favorite restaurant or coffee shop for to-go orders.

Straws: we all know about the plastic straw dilemma, switch to aluminum or wood!

Plastic grocery bags: Get reusable produce bags and cloth totes to bring to the grocery store.

Green your period

If an individual chooses to use pads or tampons, they go through approximately 11,000 disposable pads/tampons in a lifetime. Most tampons contain chemicals such as dioxin, rayon, and chlorine. Not only do these chemicals get soaked into the earth as they are disposed, but we place them in the most sensitive part of our bodies, which can lead to dangerous adverse side effects. Whether your motivation is for the earth, or for your personal health, it's time to "green your period!"

Make way for the menstrual cup. Sure, it may sound intimidating, but everything seems that way until you give it a try! Menstrual cups will save the environment for one truckload of waste in ten years for every person that switches. They are also made of silicone, which is a pretty "green" ingredient. Silicone is derived from a type of sand, and as it degrades, it will go back to its natural state which is not hazardous to the environment.

There are so many ways to reduce your carbon footprint, it can feel overwhelming. We get it- when you try to make too many changes at once, sometimes you make none. Choose a few things for the month of November and see how they go! Small changes make a big impact.

L | H Recipe of the Month: Health Coach Aziza Ziad

Roasted Mediterranean Veggies + Tahini Dressing

Roasting a big batch of roasted veggies is a great way to have a quick, healthy option available for a veggie bowl, wrap, or side dish! This is also a great way to contribute something healthy to the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Vegetable Ingredients:

1 head of cauliflower, cut into small florets

1 bag of carrots, scrubbed and cut into 1 inch pieces

1 lb of brussel sprouts, washed, trimmed and cut in half.

Pantry ingredients: olive oil, balsamic vinegar, parmesan cheese, cumin, salt and pepper

Vegetable Directions:

1. On a parchment lined cookie sheet, drizzle 3 tbsp of olive oil over cauliflower, 2 tbsp of parmesan cheese, and salt and pepper to taste. Toss to combine.

2. On a second parchment lined cookie sheet, drizzle 2 tbsp of olive oil over carrots. Season with ½ tsp cumin, salt and pepper to taste. Toss to combine.

3. On a third parchment lined cookie sheet, drizzle brussel sprouts with 2 tbsp of balsamic vinegar, 2 tbsp olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. Toss to combine.

4. Place in a 350 degree oven. Check brussel sprouts in 30 minutes, and carrots and cauliflower in about 1 hour to achieve beautiful caramelization.

5. Option to drizzle tahini dressing over vegetables, or combine into a salad.

Tahini Dressing Ingredients:

1/2 cup Ziyad brand Tahini (sesame paste)

Juice of one lemon

½ clove finely minced garlic. (optional)

Salt to taste

Water (to thin out add 1 tbsp at a time)

Tahini Dressing Directions:

Mix tahini in a bowl with lemon juice with a fork. The mixture will turn clumpy at first. Add warm water 1 tbsp at a time at and blend until you achieve desired thickness. Season with salt to taste.

EO tip: Cleaning solution

A lot of cleaning products, even non-toxic brands, are packaged in non-resuable materials. Consider making your own cleaning solution.

  • 16-ounce spray bottle
  • 15 drops peppermint oil
  • 25 drops lemon essential oil
  • ¼ cup of white vinegar

Combine, shake it up, use to clean, and repeat!

Featured Product: Facial Serum

With temperature & seasonal changes in the air, your skin is thirsty for balance. LUXXE HONOR Facial Serum is a clean, non-toxic, hydrating blend of pure essential oils, rose, and jasmine with nourishing argan oil and more. It cares for the epidermis of your facial skin by promoting pH balance and circulation. Add 1-2 drops to your every day moisturizer or sunscreen.

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