OUR MARCH BLOG POST: Spring into Freshness!

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The arrival of spring is a feeling like no other after a long winter season! The flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and there’s an overall sense of renewal + optimism in the air! We’re so excited for the warmer weather ahead and the opportunity to have:

A Fresh Start
Uplifted moods. A rejuvenated spirit. Feeling centered. 
Need a little help in getting there?
At LUXXE | HONOR, we’ve got you covered! Always by your side on your wellness journey, we’ve got all the tools you need to feel your absolute best, unstressed, this spring and beyond!


From the freshest and most pure, non-toxic products, to an amazing assortment of wellness services, to the very best in classes + workshops! Think of us as:

Your one-stop-shop to finding your innermost peace,
And, becoming your healthiest self! 


Let’s start with our incredible line of all-natural, custom-blended products. Our face and body oils are the perfect solution for getting your skin glowing and spring ready! Maybe you need a few fresh, new essentials for your spring break vacation? Look no further:

Face Serum


Formulated with 100% pure rose, jasmine and argan oils, this luxurious floral blend will give you that glowing, dewy look, naturally. Pure magic in a bottle!

Check out our incredible Face Cleanser, too!

Ground Body Oil


This uplifting body oil is high in antioxidants and custom blended with pure floral, citrus and woodsy notes. A total treat that will leave your skin glowing!

We have wonderful Energy and Sleep Body Oils, too!

Compliment that dewy, fresh look with our extensive line of rolls-ons, each one designed to aid in a specific way! From soothing to energizing, all our roll-ons are custom-made with 100% pure essential oils in the loveliest scents!

Stress Roll-On


Would you like to relax your mind, uplift your soul and create an overall sense of inner-peace? Look no further than our spicy scented stress roll-on to do just the trick!

We have incredible Ache, Focus, Ground, Love and Sleep Roll-Ons, too!

After stocking up on a few of our amazing products, try one of our wellness services. After you try just one, you’ll surely want to try them all!

all fabulous for your body + soul!

Finally, join us in the studio for one of our
wonderful classes - each one will leave you feeling grounded and stronger, both physically and mentally!

Yoga sculpt + conditioning, restorative yoga, cardio strength, core stability + more!

We’re always here for you as your healthy lifestyle partner and the positive, nurturing support you need to reach your wellness goals!

With love, and wishes for
happiness + good health! XO

LUXXE | HONOR - No Junk, No Doubt

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