The top five toxic ingredients in beauty products to avoid



The world of beauty and skincare can feel overwhelming at times with the vast number of products on the market. It’s tough to know which products out there are actually clean + safe, as most of them claim to do wondrous things! 

If you learn a little more about what’s in the products that you use on a daily basis,

 the process can become much simpler and ultimately safer for your health long=term. 

We have broken down some of the top ingredients to avoid in an effort to help you become a smart consumer. A little education goes a long way! 

And, be sure to read to the end of the post, as we’ll not only help you navigate what ingredients to stay away from, but also what products we offer that you can feel great about using. 

Our all-natural products carry countless therapeutic benefits that promote mental + physical well=being, are completely safe, and make for a healthier, happier you!

  • Many beauty products on the market today smell good, but the question is, are they good for you? You’d be surprised to learn how many of these products contain harmful chemicals linked to health risks that are hidden under the word fragrance. There are artificial fragrances (ie. benzyl acetate) found in perfumes, soaps, shampoos, lotions and toothpaste that are linked to different types of cancer - Environmental Working Group

  • You’ll find parabens in a wide variety of shampoos, conditioners, face lotions and other cosmetics, but what are they? Examples include: methylparaben, ethylparaben, butylparaben, and propylparabenhave, and these ingredients have been found to disrupt hormones, harm reproductive organs, increase the risk of breast cancer, and cause skin irritation - Natural Medicine Journal, 2010

  • Phthalates are commonly used in products such as shampoo, hairspray, soap and lotion. They are often linked to damaging the liver, kidneys, lungs, reproductive and immune systems as well as breast cancer. What’s more is that prenatal exposure to this toxic ingredient may lead to neurodevelopmental delays in children. Take the time to thoroughly check the ingredients listed on the products you are buying, and steer clear of phthalates. 

  • Polyethylene glycol is often added to common beauty and hygiene products as a method to increase moisture retention. But, what most consumers don’t know is that this harmful ingredient has been linked to cancer, skin irritation and even systemic toxicity if used on broken skin. When purchasing new products, it’s always smart to read the labels - and stay away from anything using the acronym PEG. 

  • While the notion of sunscreen use is a good one as a vital way to protect ourselves from the sun, we have to be diligent about the ingredients used to do the trick. Many of the most popular sunscreens on the market today actually contain toxic chemicals such as oxybenzone. Oxybenzone is a hormone disruptor that may impact growth and development, sexual function/reproduction, and thyroid function. No, thank you!

    At LUXXE | HONOR, you’ll find the very best products that are always
    100% pure, non-toxic, fragrance free, and handcrafted with love.
    Here are a just a few of our faves:


    Love Mood Scent

    Uplifting, sensual aphrodisiac, decreases mood swings.

    JASMINE: Stimulates pituitary gland to increase sex drive + an immune stimulant.

    Focus Mood Scent

    CYPRESS: Energizing, increases blood flow, and helps to manage stress.

    ROSEMARY: Aids in memory, mental fatigue, nervous tension, stress.

    Ground Mood Scent

    GERANIUM: Uplifting, balancing of emotions, nervous tension, aids in circulation.

    VETIVER: Relaxing, grounding, immune stimulant.




    Infuse Hydration Mist


    Beautiful plant-based minerals will purify and nourish the complexion for a lovely glow. A simple spritz and gentle massage is all it takes for the utmost hydration, making the most of your skincare routine. Perfect for after sun care. 

    Organic Lip Balm


    Travel and sun can add to dehydration, and when we're dehydrated, our lips need an extra boost of moisture. Our rich, organic lip balm will have those lips feeling extra soft and smooth in no time!

    Osmosis Sunscreen


    Our non-toxic sunscreen is free of oxybenzone, a carcinogen that can irritate the eyes, cause skin allergies and hormone disruption. Osmosis is safe + long-lasting protection without the added chemicals.



    Refer back to our list of toxic ingredients to avoid anytime you need it!
    And, know that you can always feel 100% confident in our
    wonderfully safe products for added health benefits!

    With love, and wishes for happiness + good health! XO


    LUXXE | HONOR - No Junk, No Doubt



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