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The very last of the Christmas decorations have finally come down, the thank you cards have been safely delivered and the kids are back in school. Now what? The post-holiday come-down can be almost as disorienting as the holidays themselves: feeling exhausted by the festivities, intimidated by the list of resolutions & overall at a loss for how to go about the day. That's where the magic of building routines comes in.

According to Northwestern Medicine, the health benefits of having a routine are numerous: routines reduce stress and lead to all around sharper mental and physical health. In addition to a solid morning routine, like this one we found from Huffington Post, and a calming evening routine, like this one from Sleep.org, it's just as important to develop a self-care routine. That's where we come in.
With both our products and our services, we seek to help you develop positive routines to help you prioritize your body, skin, mind & spirit. Here are a couple things you can start to build into your routine throughout your day to help you find your most alert, healthy & happy self.

B O D Y Honor Thy | Facial Serum - Mix two drops of this beautifully formulated combination of oils into your moisturizer or CC cream in the morning for a layer of hydration and a dewy glow going into your day. Uplift yourself with this amazing scent.

M I N D Find as little as 5 minutes to practice a little head-clearing, energizing meditation. Come by one of Meena's weekly meditation classes for tips on breathing techniques and finding a peaceful oasis of the mind.



B O D Y Honor Thy | Light Therapy - LED light therapy is a non-invasive, FDA approved medical device that uses red, blue, and infrared light to improve circulation and reduce inflammation for acute & chronic pain, neuropathy, mood disorders, skin conditions, brain health, and more. Call or text (630) 581-5354 today to make your appointment with our amazing light therapist, Bridget. Treat yourself to this weekly for best results.


M I N D The mental health benefits of diffusing oils are staggering. Stop by the shop to pick up a diffuser that you can set up in your home or workplace and diffuse lavender for relaxation, peppermint for focus & pink grapefruit for energy.



B O D Y Honor Thy | Detox Bath - A combination of salts, vitamins & essential oils, add a couple tablespoons into a bathtub full of hot water and let the detox to begin. For the first half of your bath, the salts and hot water will pull toxins from your body and then, it will recharge your body with electrolytes.


M I N D Honor Thy | Osmosis - Harmonized Water | Relax product from Osmosis is one of our favorites. The water is treated with frequencies that promote a sense of peace and balance. Spray 5 times in the mouth before bed to harmonizes sleep cycles.


Check out www.osmosisskincare.com for the full scoop on this line!


Instead of making it a rare treat to pamper yourself, build it into your schedule to ensure a more centered & more content presence.


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