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Self + Care and How to Start Practicing More of it
If you looked at your calendar, what is scheduled for the upcoming week? Baseball practices, meetings, birthday parties, grocery lists, and other to-do's are what most likely fill your days. Do you block out time for yourself everyday or even every week? The answer is probably no, especially when we are constantly connected to our emails, texts and social media through our smart phones. When we ignore ourselves, we start to run on fumes and can never really be our true "self." This is what self+care is all about - being your best so you can grow and replenish your mind, body and spirit. So how can you start a self + care regime? Lets get started by tackling three key areas: Physical, Personal and Emotional. 


Physical Self + Care


Lets start with physical well being, because your body is your temple.  Of course exercise is going to be #1 on the list of physical self+care. Not only does exercise improve our physical body, but it does wonders for our mind and spirit. Releasing endorphins, providing energy, and raising self-esteem are just some of the benefits of physical exercise. But physical self-care also encompasses the actual care of our internal and external body. Here are some easy ideas for physical self+care in addition to exercise:


1. Nutrition- The fuel you put into your body is key to feeling good and taking care of yourself.  Even if it means removing one bad food/drink habit and replacing it with a healthier one.  
2. Remove Toxins- removing products from your home that affect your internal systems is an easy way to take care of your physical body. Start by replacing anything that touches your skin with natural, toxin-free products(laundry detergent, body wash, perfume, deodorants, bug spray, etc.). 
3. Breathing- Setting time aside each day to just take a few deep breaths in a quiet space is another great way to remain balanced. Deep breaths in and out for 5 minutes everyday. 


Personal Self + Care


Personal self + care can have a few different meanings, but we're going to focus on our daily tasks and how to improve your day-to-day with some simple tweaks. 


1. Schedule- Learn how to say no. And we know this is hard for many of us. But, over- scheduling and spreading ourselves thin is a sure way to feel beat down and frustrated. Slow down, say no to that third birthday party of the week or the neighborhood get together. This is valuable time for you to grab a yoga class, try a new recipe or take a bath. 


2. Friends/Family- Keeping toxic people out of your life will do wonders for your personal well-being. Is there that friend you have that is constantly talking about people or has a negative attitude? Negativity is contagious and can seep into your own thoughts. Find people that have the same goals as you do. Surround yourself with people that smile and preach positivity.  


3. Practice Kindness and Gratitude- This is an important one. Spreading kindness to others and reflecting on everything you have to be grateful for can be a miracle maker. Not only does it put your brain into a positive state of mind, but you attract others that have the same attitude. 


Emotional Self + Care


Emotional self+care is one of the most important aspects of self+care because it can be very fragile. Here are a few ways to tend your garden of emotions:


1. Accept Your Feelings

- What are you feeling? Own those feelings and address them. Yes, the emotions and feelings may hurt but accept them as yours - not good or bad.


2. Be Nice to You -

How do you talk to yourself? Are you mean to yourself? We tend to call ourselves names and critique our physical appearance on a regular basis. Be aware of the language you use to describe yourself. Change your thought process and treat yourself like someone you cherish. Celebrate YOU daily. 


3. Practice Meditation -

We talked about the importance of meditation last month in our blog post.  Meditation allows you to free your mind and become one with your emotional and physical body. It is during these meditation sessions that you can release the bad energy and find peace of mind. Be patient with yourself. Meditation takes time and practice but allowing yourself to accept and release emotions and feelings can be key to a healthy emotional state. 


Just practicing a few of these self+care ideas can change your mental and physical state allowing you to live a life that has a little less stress and lot more positivity. 


Take care of yourself. 


LUXXE | HONOR will be hosting guided meditation workshops as well as other self+care workshops in our new space this Fall! 


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