Honor Thy | Self Resolution

2018 is here. Maybe you have an ongoing list of resolutions for this shiny new year which you have added something to after every conversation and swimming thought. Or maybe you’re unsure of how you want to go about it, but sure that you strive for something better this year.
The theme of this month, Honor Thy | Self, encourages you to shed the outward-facing stress from the holidays and shift your focus to the one aspect of your life you can truly control and honor: yourself. If you are looking for a structured jumpstart to a resolution for health, come to one of our upcoming detox workshops.

Our wonderful acupuncturist, Bridget Juister, put together a list of ways to honor yourself this new year. Whether you seek a healthier diet, a calmer disposition or a kinder outlook, these bits of mindfulness and presence will help you focus on what you can control and let go of what you can’t.


1. T U N E IN to your intuitive voice.
Inner-knowing comes from true gut feelings that we can access at any time. By learning to ask yourself and listen, you can receive insight you’re looking for. However, the more your mind is bogged down by extraneous thoughts and anxieties, the harder it is to hear this voice. Clear the mind with meditation and mindfulness.


2. B E wherever you are.
Allowing yourself to be wherever you are is helpful in honoring your body and the moment. Even though ideally, we want to feel energized, productive and happy all the time, it’s impossible to be all of these things, all of the time. It’s ok to be tired, to feel stressed, sad, angry or sick. Don’t resist feelings that don’t fall in line with your ideal state of mind. Be ok with wherever you are.


3. U N P L U G everyday.
The more tech savvy we become the more we need discipline about setting up boundaries. There are exceptions, but find time everyday to unplug. Make certain areas sacred screen free zones like the dinner table, your bedroom, and/or the car. Be prepared for resistance, but if there’s one new habit you make for the new year, make it this one.


As you settle into the New Year, take some time to think about ways you can honor yourself this year. Ask your inner self to share a word that can sum up your intention for 2018.