April Blog Post: Prioritizing Wellness During COVID-19

We are all aware of the negative effects that COVID-19 has caused, however, it is an important wake up call for taking care of ourselves and taking control of our wellness.

The most important thing you can do to keep yourself healthy, is prioritizing your immune system. The stronger your immune system, the less likely you are to contract an illness in the first place the more likely you are to fight off an illness effectively.

Everything that we put into or onto our bodies affects our immune system. This means being conscious of the foods we eat, how much movement we partake in, the vitamins we take, but also the products and potential toxins we absorb into our body.

As a wellness company, we think it’s so important for everyone to have access to wellness without it feeling overwhelming. We currently have live online ZOOM fitness classes available to members, and drop-in’s available as well as several online workshops. We hope you will join us on Thursday, May 7 at 2pm CST for a FREE Virtual COVID Wellness Panel.

We have chosen a few of our products to highlight that can make your “quarantine” experience more productive and enjoyable, while also boosting your immunity.

The COVID Collection

Hand Sanitize
Simple and effective. Ditch your toxic sanitizer for our 190 grade ethanol alcohol combined with anti-viral lemon, and antiviral eucalyptus.

Natural Soap Bar
A message from Scenter of the Mind who makes several scents of natural soaps, and even one for your dog! “Natural, high quality ingredients ensure that you avoid toxins; synthetic fragrances, colorants, preservatives or petroleum products. What goes on your skin goes into your body and we commit to products with the highest quality, food grade nut and fruit oils and premium essential oils.”

Charcoal Activated Bath Bomb
Made with activated charcoal to help you detox in the comfort of your bathtub. Fun for both kids and adults!

Immune Roll-On
To fight infection and build immunity this roll-on can be applied to temples, behind hairline, and on pressure points. Includes immune stimulant lemon, antibacterial cinnamon, and anti-infectious eucalyptus.

Dry Shampoo
I think most of us are showering a little bit less these days. Our dry shampoo is made with a careful balance of lemongrass essential oil and odor absorbents, featuring Baking Soda, Corn Starch, Organic Aloe Leaf Powder and Montmorillonite Clay to give you an extra couple of days between washes.

Breathe Roll-On
To boost your immune system and help clear sinuses, this roll-on can be applied to temples, behind hairline, and on pressure points. Includes antiviral pine, anti-infectious eucalyptus, and decongesting tea tree.

Stress Mist
Stress levels are high whether it’s feeling stir-crazy in the house, long days of e-learning, or financial stress. This spray is woody, spicy and citrus, to relax the mind and body and promotes a sense of grounding and feeling of well-being. It contains frankincense to ease anxiety, sandalwood to ease aggression and grief, and pink grapefruit to promote uplifting thoughts and balance emotions. Carry it with you and spray throughout the day, or spray on your pillow before bedtime.

Osmosis Immune Activator
The body uses oxygen to heal, fight bugs, and repair damage. The Osmosis Immune Activator contains a patented, stabilized oxygen molecule that empowers the immune system, enhancing overall immunity inside and out. Naturally boost immunity with this detox supplement to help repair cells and improve hyperpigmentation.

This patented extract of Sweet Wormwood has been proven in clinical trials to improve and strengthen the body and skin for overall wellness. It provides internal defense against oxidative stress to detoxify and activate repair improving pigmentation and compromised skin and strengthens overall immunity and oxygenates the cells. It has been proven to help with the following conditions: Aging Body and Skin (All Ages), Melasma, Hyperpigmentation, Liver and Age Spots, General Wellness/Immune Support, Deteriorating Organs and Joints, Stained Teeth, Gum Recession/Disease, Syringoma, Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne, Dermatitis, Lyme Disease.

A lot of our products contain strong antiviral essential oils such as eucalyptus and lemon. If you want to keep it simple, we have Eucalyptus Lemon Essential Oil Blend for your to apply, inhale, or diffuse.

To order any of these products, reserve a spot in our FREE Virtual Wellness Panel on 5/7, or have any questions at all, shoot us a text at 630.581.5354.


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