Hyperpigmentation/Acne/Rosacea Serum
AGE SPOTS + REPAIR + TEXTURERescue compromised skin with this uniquely powerful serum proven to neutralize toxins, calm inflammation, activate epidermal wound repair, and dramatically improve skin texture and age spots.Skin Types:  Aging, Sensitive, Irritated, Blemish-Prone, Pigmented, Dry, Rosacea Size:...
Anti-Aging/Anti-Oxidant Replenish Serum
HEALTHIER SKIN + INFLAMMATION + BOTANICAL This botanical powerhouse fights free radicals, holistically promotes collagen production, and reduces inflammation resulting in stronger, healthier skin. It is the most advanced antioxidant serum because of its unique, pharmaceutical-grade delivery system that delivers 17...
Catalyst AC11 - DNA Repair Serum (Hyperpigmentation/Broken Capillaries)
DNA REPAIR + REVERSE AGING + PIGMENTATIONThis patented, clinically-proven serum activates the repair mechanisms of our own cells to reverse aging in the skin, reduce pigmentation, decrease scar tissue, clear capillaries and increase skin elasticity. Catalyst AC-11 contains a powerful...
Clarify - Acne Serum
BLEMISH + VITAMIN A + DETOXBlemish-prone skin has met its match with this powerful vitamin A serum. It works with the skin to normalize oil production, improve detoxification, calm inflammation, restore the epidermal barrier, and accelerate the healing process of...
Calm - Level 1 Vitamin A Serum
GENTLE + VITAMIN A + ANTIOXIDANTOur most gentle Vitamin A Serum designed to rejuvenate deep into the skin with liposomal retinaldehyde that is also known to benefit and calm sensitive skin. 7 liposomal antioxidants and many soothing botanicals combine to...
Correct - Level 2 Vitamin A Serum
NUTRIENTS + COLLAGEN + BARRIER REPAIROne of the most powerful, non-inflammatory rejuvenation serums available. Pharmaceutical-grade liposomes deliver proprietary nutrients beyond the surface to feed and remodel the skin. Real changes result from 9 collagen stimulators and 7 antioxidants that also...
Antioxidant Vitamin A Serum -Level 3
ANTIOXIDANT + DNA PRESERVING + BARRIERSpoil your skin with the most advanced, age reversing formula available. Using the highest possible potency of our liposomal retinaldehyde, Renew offers sun safe, barrier protecting, DNA preserving technology that is proven to stimulate collagen...
Facial Exfoliant
PLUMPING + ENZYMES + CELL REPAIRSkin-smoothing antioxidant exfoliant mask harnesses the power of cranberry enzymes to gently remove damaged cells, promoting a firm, smooth, and healthy glow.Skin Types: Aging, Pigmented, Dry, Oily, Blemish-ProneSize: 50 ml
Facial Moisturizer (All skin types)
LIGHT + REPLENISH + GLOWThis lightweight, quick-absorbing emollient formula helps to replenish a weak moisture barrier and deliver immediate hydration, restoring brilliance to skin. Oncology approved. Skin Types: Aging, Sensitive, Irritated, Oily, Blemish-Prone, DrySize: 50 ml 
Anti-aging Moisturizer
PLUMPING + FIRMING + ELASTICITY Formulated with powerful collagen plumping botanicals to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while firming and evening your skin tone. Hydrate uses advanced anti-aging ingredients to restore resilience and elasticity to the skin, resulting in a soft,...
Hydration Mist
PENETRATING + PLANT-BASED + NOURISHEnhance product penetration while infusing the skin with plant-based minerals that work to purify and nourish the complexion, ensuring you get the most out of your skincare products.Skin Types: All skin typesSize: 3.4 oz 
Boost - Pepetide Mist
HEALING + HYDRATION + SOFTENINGPeptide-infused, vitamin-enriched, and frequency-enhanced water rejuvenates, heals, and soothes leaving skin soft and lightly hydrated. Perfect compliment to any serum to increase effectiveness and depth of serum on skin. Skin Types: Aging, Pigmented, Sensitive, Irritated, Dry. Size: 3.4...
Illuminate - Eye + Lip Serum
ANTI-AGE + RESTORATIVE + HYDRATINGThis richly hydrating, peptide-boosting, and anti-aging serum concentrate restores a healthier barrier and luminosity to the delicate skin of the eyes and lips. Ideal for evening eye application. Skin Types: Aging, Sensitive, Irritated, DrySize: 13 ml
Eye Serum (Dark circles, puffiness)
DARK CIRCLES + COLLAGEN + FINE LINESIntensely hydrating eye serum containing proven actives that increase collagen and elastin as well as firm and effectively reduce puffiness, lines, and dark circles. Ideal for morning and use before make-up.Skin Types: Aging, DrySize: 13...
Face Sunscreen
SPF 30 + ZINC OXIDE + SHEER Protect the skin you're in with this non-nano coated, zinc oxide-based sunscreen that offers sheer, long-lasting, and broad-spectrum coverage.Skin Types: All skin typesSize: 50 ml 
Hostess with the Mostess
Holiday Room Mist Lavender Essential Oil Candle  ANTIBACTERIAL + IMMUNE BOOSTING + UPLIFTINGSpicy, citrus and fresh that spreads holiday cheer while  purifying the air and elevating the mood. Great to use as a room mist or odor control mist for...
Night Night
 SLEEP ROLL-ON CALMING + RESTFUL + BALANCING Floral and slightly herbal, to calm the mind and body and aid in sleep disturbances.  This blend will have you dreaming of lying down for a quick escape in fields of lavender and...
Spa Day
Spa Day
Treat your loved one to a spa day! This beautiful wellness gift treats the body from the inside out. Enjoy the face & body oils that are nourishing to the skin and renewing to the skin.  Includes: Cleansing Oil  Rose...
Women's Holiday Gift Collection
Make the women in your life feel extra special + cared for with this uplifting ultimate self-care bundle. Includes: Lavender Essential Oil Natural Candle Vetiver Geranium Body Oil Rose Jasmine Face Oil Love Roll-On Lymph Brush ALL-NATURAL LAVENDER CANDLES:TOXIN-FREE + ESSENTIAL...
Teen Holiday Gift Collection
 Send your teens back to school or into the colder months feeling refreshed and restored with our 100% non-toxic products. Focus Roll-On Diffuser Lavender Essential Oil Diffuser Blend  FOCUS Roll-On  MEMORY + UPLIFTING + ALERTNESS A citrusy, woody, and minty mood scent...
Men's Holiday Gift Collection
Let the men in your life know that they deserve self-care, too! Includes: Shaving cream   Shaving brush  Scrub  SCRUB (Frankincense, Vetiver, Geranium & Grapefruit) BALANCING+ EXFOLIATING + NOURISHING A smokey, citrus and floral scrub to calm the racing mind,...
Housewarming Holiday Gift Collection
Gift your hosts (or yourself) a bundle of joy to keep their homes smelling + feeling fresh! This is also a great gift for teachers + workers. Includes: Holiday Room Mist  One and Done w/ Turkish towel  Lavender Soap and...
Holiday Fun
Holiday Essential Oil Diffuser Blend Medium Diffuser   HOLIDAY ESSENTIAL OIL DIFFUSER BLEND ANTIBACTERIAL + IMMUNE BOOSTING + UPLIFTINGSpicy, citrus and fresh to increase immunity, purify the air and elevate the mood. Great to diffuse in the air or mix with an...
Hormone Roll-On
LIBIDO + BALANCE + PEACE An exotic, earthy and floral healing blend to balance hormones and emotions.  This blend is an aphrodisiac and addresses menopausal symptoms. Size: 10 ml roll-on Essential Oil Blend for "The Change of Life"  Let's embrace the...

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