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Get Lippy
Peppermint Lavender Lip Scrub Lavender Lip Balm  PEPPERMENT LAVENDER LIP SCRUB Indulge your lips with this great combo. L | H coconut sugar scrub with lavender and peppermint essential oils gently exfoliate your lips. The moisturizing lip balm keeps them...
Get Grounded
 Ground Roll-On  Geranium Vetiver Ground Body Oil  GROUND ROLL-ON CALMING + BALANCING + UPLIFTING A smokey, citrus and floral mood scent to calm the racing mind, uplift the soul and comfort the nerves. Great for the day or a night...
Teacher Appreciation
Sleep Roll-On  Tin Candle SLEEP ROLL-ON CALMING + RESTFUL + BALANCING Floral and slightly herbal, to calm the mind and body and aid in sleep disturbances.  Essential Oils for Rest and Sleep. Tossing and turning and in need of a...
Uplift Your Spirit
A great gift for someone that needs to be energized. The essential oils are blended with the intent to uplift the spirit while grounding to mother earth. Includes: Focus Roll-On Rosemary Ylang Ylang Body Oil  FOCUS ROLL-ON MEMORY + UPLIFTING...
Sage Bundle
CLEANSING + HEALING + WISDOMOpen your space, the extension of your being, to its natural harmony. By incorporating seasonal florals, our sage sticks restore balance to a space allowing intuition to flow. Smudging has been traditionally used to safeguard against...
Lymphatic Dry Brush
CIRCULATION + EXFOLIATE + D-TOX  Our skin is our largest organ and is the first line of defense. It regulates body temperature and maintains fluid balance.  It plays an important role on our body also responsible of eliminating most of...
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Charcoal Bath Bomb
DETOX + SOOTHING + IMMUNE SYSTEM  A non-toxic natural bath bomb made with Activated Charcoal and Himalayan Salt to help you detox in the comfort of your bath tub. Only made with therapeutic grade  essential oils and non toxic fragrance...
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One and Done Disinfectant Cleaner
DISINFECTANT + SANITIZE + FRESH SCENT This amazing all purpose cleaner is great for stone, mirrors, glass and tile! Smell the fresh scent of Geranium and Lemongrass therapeutic grade essential oils. BREATHE healthy, clean scents while cleaning instead of harmful...
Medium Diffuser- Select Colors Available - Wood Grain
Wood Oil diffuser brings an essential element of elegance to your space Stylish look to infuse tranquil fragrances into your home Perfect for usage with Luxxe I Honor essential oils
GWP - Black Luxxe Bag
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Cozy Comfort
Cozy Comfort Lavender Essential Oil Diffuser Blend Medium Diffuser   LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL DIFFUSER BLEND ANTIBACTERIAL + CALMING + RELAXING Floral and slightly herbal, Lavender soothes the nervous system and helps with insomnia. This herbaceous oil is often used alone or in many...

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