Aimee McNally

Aimee McNally, Mindful Movement + Breath Instructor 🔥🔥

Although everyone travels a unique journey, Aimee believe yoga provides a pathway to enlightenment, better physical and mental heath as well as a more harmonious life. Beginning at age 6, Aimee started with ballet and gymnastics but moved to playing softball, basketball and her true love, soccer which she played at Indiana University. She also fell in love with aerobics in high school and is a certified aerobic instructor through AFAA since 1994. After college, she competed in duathlon, triathlon, endurance cycling and many running races around the country. She was encouraged to do yoga by friends at a health club in Chicago in 2000. Yoga provided a much-needed balance to her athletic lifestyle. Practicing many types of yoga, she enjoys taking classes whenever she travels. She completed her 200 CYT and enthusiastically shares the philosophy, physical and mental benefits in her classes.