Making Meditation Part Of Your Daily Routine

In any given day, information is constantly flowing in and out of our minds. News, to-do lists, appointments to make, social media, etc. You name it and we are inundated with a constant stream of sound bites. 11 million bits of information is what our brain processes every day. We are taking in more information than ever before! Even while we're sleeping, our minds are busy repairing and processing.

With our minds in a constant state of processing an overload of information, there is little time for the mind to help the body.

The Art of Meditation

How can we pause this overload to allow our mind and body to relax and renew? The answer is the ancient practice of Meditation. Meditation has been around for over 5,000 years and it has never been more needed than today. When meditation becomes a daily practice, it allows us to live in the present. The stillness and the breath of practicing meditation allows our minds to release thoughts and negativity.

Releasing the mind of the constant input of information is one of the greatest benefits of mediation, however, there is a long list of health benefits that Meditation brings along. Meditation can relieve symptoms for those who struggle with anxiety, depression, heart disease, sleep issues, tension headaches and chronic pain. Meditation can help improve emotional relationships and bring about an overall feeling of inner peace.

Starting the Process

So how can you begin your meditation practice? One of the greatest things about meditation is there is no right way. Be patient with yourself and find a practice or technique that works for you. Maybe you repeat a mantra or read a poem. Or, maybe you incorporate a prayer.  Most importantly, find a quiet and comfortable space where you can allow yourself to be at peace with few distractions and focus on breathing deeply.  As you continue your practice, you will discover what type of meditation works for you.

Guided Meditation

Another great way to get started with meditation is with guided meditation. Guided meditation can assist you in proper posture, learning breathing techniques, and teaching you tools on how to let go and release your thoughts. Finding a meditation class in your community where you can ask questions and be among others that are also new to meditation can quickly improve your practice.

Keep an open mind and give meditation a try.