An elementary school teacher, a nanny, an energy healer and spiritual guide, an energy coach! Laura navigates this world in an attempt to help, to heal, and to guide us to MORE. More happiness, more love, more confidence, more success, more self-awareness, more understanding of the truth of your POWER HERE!

She began her career as an elementary school teacher and has her MA in Curriculum and Instruction. She worked with preschool - 8th graders, and with the help of her husband, has passionately (and loudly) survived guiding her four boys into adulthood! Following the road much less traveled, she found the connection to her inner voice, and studied to become a Level III Reiki Master. The PEACE and HAPPINESS she had set out in search of, began to come through loud and clear as her Reiki practice slowly connected her to something MORE.

She connects and COMMUNICATES with Source energy (Spirit) daily, and uses this connection to teach, inspire and help others understand their own connection. Laura works with individuals and groups, instructing on the Law of Attraction, the Importance of Self Love, and Stepping into Your POWER, and how these all impact our HAPPINESS.

Teen workshop

Energy coach by day, Laura is seeking to reconnect with her passion for teaching, and has developed a workshop series intended to guide teens on “BEing and thriving” in this crazy world today.

The four part workshop series helps them understand the truth about who they are, their RIGHT NOW power in this world, and the single most important obstacle they will ever overcome: embracing self-love and allowing their true self to BE.

Adult Workshop

This three part workshop series inspires to help those searching for an understanding and truth about who we are and what we are meant to do here. Laura connects with Source energy (Spirit) and shares this connection with you, so that you might come into a new understanding and awareness of how the happiness we are all searching for, is a choice.

Learn about your Right Now power, and how to bring happiness into your life by connecting with your Higher self, and discovering the truth about your emotional guidance system and what it is telling you.