Gail Ann Bradshaw

Gail Ann

Gail Ann Bradshaw

Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner - Christian Embodiment Guide - Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist - Reiki Master

Gail Ann is an Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner. She holds a Master of Arts in Dance/ Movement Therapy and Counseling and is a Reiki Master. For the past 25 years, Gail Ann has worked in various clinical and wellness settings and has developed a deep reverence for the body's healing power. She offers expressive, contemplative, and hands-on healing practices that promote healing, cultivate well-being and nurture spiritual growth through the Creative and Healing Arts. Her uplifting and peaceful presence safely invites you to journey into your body.

Gail Ann is also a Christian Embodiment Guide. She helps you integrate your body, mind, spirit, and faith. She has created practices that allow you to direct your attention into your body and sense the presence of God that lives within you. Each offering synthesizes her love for Creative Arts Therapy, science, mindfulness, energy healing, and Christian mysticism. Gail Ann deeply respects everyone's unique spiritual journey and intuitively adapts her approach and language to honor your personal experience of God.

Gail Ann's mission is to be a gentle guide on your journey toward health, wholeness, and well-being and help you grow into the fullness that God created you to be!

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