Join us for Mind + Care Classes in our 20 person studio with two format selections and taught by seasoned professional meditation and yoga/strength teachers - check out their bios

Mindful Breath | Meditation
Mindful Movement | 3 Levels: Yoga or Core Stability Strength

Mind+Care classes are about toning the brain through movement or meditation. These 50-minute group classes are designed to bring mindfulness and wellness through aromatherapy and guided classes. 

Class Formats

Mindful Breath> ↬ Meditation | Minimal movement classes. Emphasis on breath, stillness, mindfulness, decompressing and proper breath technique. Class includes guided meditation. 

Mindful Movement ↬ Yoga/Core Stability classes. Classes are designed to tone the brain with an unpredictable class format taught by seasoned teachers.  Teachers, with an average 10 years experience, teach to an intensity level and provide safe freedom in movement, range of motion, injury prevention, and foster ease of muscle or arthritic pain. Three levels of movement class; 1 fire 🔥 to 3 fire 🔥🔥🔥 and please note classes are room temperature and fires refer to inner kindle. The byproduct of these amazing classes that are designed to tone the brain is the reduction of inflammation, improved circulation, and toning of your body. 

Fire 1 🔥 - Gentle yoga and meditation
Fire 2 🔥🔥 - Intermediate yoga and meditation
Fire 1-2 🔥-🔥🔥 - Beginner to intermediate yoga & meditation
Fire 3 🔥🔥🔥 - Core Stability; props include sliders, weighted bars, free weights, bands, straps, and foam rollers 

Class includes all props including yoga mat - just bring yourself to class! Classes are for all ages and suggested starting age is 14 years for Fire 1 and Fire 2.  Unlimited classes are included in the LUXXE|HONOR Self+Care Membership or individual session packages can be purchased separately.

Note: Fire 1 🔥is ideal for the student returning to fitness, recovering from injury, inflexible, nervous to try, older and/or looking for a variety in their wellness journey. 

Single Class $18
5 Class Pack $85
10 Class Pack $160

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*subject to change


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