In 2017, Jennifer Del Giudice and Stefanie Schodrof partnered with the shared passion to help others. With this journey to collaborate, they both truly resonated with the word HONOR and felt a must to incorporate this word in their new partnership - honoring their passions and strike of balance with family and career. LUXXE|HONOR embodied their spirit and have incorporated Honor Thy as a category lead for all products and services.

LUXXE|HONOR is a wellness company;  first and foremost a natural product company coupled with wellness services that provide natural health and aromatherapy services.  Jen and Stef have a passion to educate people on toxins that are sourced from the air we breathe, food we eat and PRODUCTS we put on our skin.  Jen and Stef believe that many of our stressors today are related to a weak gut caused by the inability to metabolize toxins. LUXXE|HONOR products are all non-toxic, work towards improved gut health and laced with education.  

LUXXE|HONOR's longterm business model is to not only own and operate a flagship full-service wellness center including natural products and safe wholesome services but also to take the products to a national level and franchise new locations.

Body+Care ~ circulation/inflammation/toxin release
Face+Care ~ 28-day cell turnover facial infusion treatments
Mind+Care ~ breathe/meditation/yoga focused classes + workshops
LUXXE|HONOR is for everyone; we are an oasis for people to come in to decompress and receive education on healthy lifestyle changes.  We treat the whole body and believe that internal purity radiates exterior beauty.
As Jen and Stef always say when asked what we do at LUXXE|HONOR, “We are on a crusade against toxins and stress, to make healthy, clean products and educate people on ways to lead healthier and happier lives."

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Join us 311 W. Hillgrove, La Grange, Illinois - your new Natural Product Co + Wellness Studio with safety + education in products and services.

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