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Peter Canellis

LUXXE | HONOR supports individual holistic health practitioners from a variety of backgrounds with different areas of expertise.

"Sound is – and always will be – the medicine for mankind. By providing a diverse soundscape nirvana using a variety of tones, textures and frequencies, we bring the healing powers of sound into one sensory environment."

What is Sound Healing?

Sound healing is a form of therapy that plays into the natural vibrations our body craves and needs to maintain balance. When our body becomes out of balance – whether that be physically or mentally – our health becomes at risk. Sound healing uses vibrations to send sound waves into the body to help restore this balance.

Saints and Angels Healing Through Sound offers an auditory ecosystem of experiences that transform chaos into comfort. Designed to help you reach a diving state of being, you’ll be recharged, restored and re-balanced by the healing powers of sound.

What Does Sound Healing Help With?

Sound healing can help those experiencing symptoms of:

  • mental illnesses like dementia, anxiety, depression, PTSD, autism, behavioral disorders and a range of overwhelming emotions like anger, self-pity and heartbreak
  • physical illnesses like cancer, joint and muscle pain and digestive issues

What Benefits Will I Get from Sound Healing?

What are the Benefits of Sound Healing?

The more sound healing continues to be experienced, the more benefits are being discovered. From a physical standpoint, sound is able to help with numerous ailments. From boosting the immune system, and improving sleep, to lowering cholesterol levels and relieving joint and back pain.

Then, there are the psychological benefits—which can further help support physical healing. This ranges from reducing feelings of anxiety and depression, to enhancing mental clarity, and from heightening awareness and relaxation, to managing mood swings and deep sadness.

The beauty of a sound healing experience is that everyone benefits differently, despite being immersed in the same auditory ecosystem

Private Sound Healing Services

Private Individual Sound Bath
A one on one session where you will be guided through sound to discover your potential, visualize your future, destroy your self doubt and dazzle in new-found energy.

Private Group Sound Bath
An intimate setting for just you and your closest companions to bond over the power of sound.

Workplace Wellness
A corporate offering that supports careers and connection in the workplace through guided meditation and immersive sound baths with employees.

Group Sound Meditation
A sound healing journey that gently immerses and educates you about the therapeutic world of sound, with rotating themes focused on a specific earth element and chakra. Leave feeling connected with yourself and your community regardless of your experience.

TRIPP Virtual Reality Meditation
I also offer virtual reality to those that do private sessions with me. Placing these virtual reality goggles on in combination with the sounds I produce helps deeply immerse you into a state of mindfulness and meditation.


  • Private 60-minute session: $90
  • Private 90-minute session:$110
  • Private Couples session: $180
  • Private Small Group 3 to 10 people $250. $20 per additional person
  • Virtual Reality meditation: $25
  • Community Group Classes: $20
  • Workplace Wellness: bespoke rates upon inquiry

Whether you come in for a private session or join a community sound bath, your only requirement is to lie in stillness and soak in the sound. The rest will happen naturally. And the more open you are to accepting the sounds, the more impactful the sound bath will likely be for you.

Join me for my sound healing nirvana. I look forward to helping enrich your life one beat, tune, frequency and vibration at a time.


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