Autumn Hand Soap

Autumn Hand Soap

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A blend of fall inspired oils that provide increased immunity with antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Size: 7 oz with foam pump

Aromatic Antibacterial Hand Soap

This luxurious, hand-crafted soap will change your hand-washing experience, leaving you feeling fresh and clean! You will love the way it lathers, smells and feels. Our homemade antibacterial hand soap is scented with pure Eucalyptus and Tea Tree essential oils and fresh Lemon. This Disinfectant Hand Soap is a great combination of these three scents.

Clove Oil helps reduce inflammation and expel mucus.  An anti-oxidant which fights oxidative damage and free radical.

Cinnamon Oil an antioxidant that stimulates the immune system.  Prevents blood platelet clumping, inhibits inflammation and can regulate blood sugar.

Nutmeg Oil detoxifies the body, boosts skin health, increases immune function and improves blood circulation.

Ginger Oil is anti-inflammatory, reduces muscle pain  and soreness.

Ylang Ylang Oil promotes healthy skin, soothes irritation and is calming.

Cardamom Oil is an antioxidant, flushes out toxins, boosts metabolism.

Key Benefits

  • Wonderful Smelling.
  • Gentle to the Skin.
  • Disinfects.
  • Moisturizes.
  • No Artificial Ingredients.
  • 100% Organic Essential Oils.
  • Free of Harmful Chemicals.
  • Non-Greasy Formula.
toxic free hand soap


Shake, apply and scrub hands with water for 30 seconds.


Hand Soap with Lemon Oil


Citrus Limonum

Antiseptic, astringent, bactericidal, and anti-viral.

Hand Soap with Eucalyptus Oil


Eucalyptus Globulus

Antiviral, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, air purifier,  and anti-infectious.

Hand Soap made with 190 Proof Grain Alcohol

Grain Alcohol

190 proof grain alcohol to safely kill bacteria.