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Hormone Roll-On

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An exotic, earthy and floral healing blend to balance hormones and emotions.  This blend is an aphrodisiac and addresses menopausal symptoms.

Size: 10 ml roll-on

Essential Oil Blend for "The Change of Life" 

Let's embrace the "Change Of Life" and "PMS"! It does not have to be a negative!  Our Hormone blend balances hormones, uplifts mood, decreases bloating and irritability. A positive outlook can make all the difference! 

Night sweats, sleep disturbances, bloating  can be addressed with essential oils that affect the nervous and circulatory systems. Our special-formulated Hormone roll-on is an easy roller that can be kept in your bag and applied anytime during the day!  

This blend is made with 100% natural pure essential oils and coconut oil. Each essential oil in our Hormone blend balances hormones and encourages peace within the body and mind!

Key Benefits

  • All-Natural & Non-Toxic.
  • Balances Hormones.
  • Eases Night Sweats
  • Encourages a Peaceful Sleep.
  • Increases Libido.

This product also pairs great with its Peace oil roller companion!


Essential Oil Roller to Control PMS


Mist 10-12 inches away from entire face, neck and chest areas and inhale slowly.

Keep in your bag and use throughout the day.

Mist on pillow as needed.


Jasmine Oil is Great for Managing Irritability and Decreasing Mood Swings


Jasminum grandiflorum

Increases libido and strengthens sexual organs. Decreases mood swings, and irritability.

Sandalwood is Great for Managing PMS as it Balances Hormones


Santalum album

Increases libido, night sweats, and balances hormones.

PMS Essential Oil Roller Blend with Coconut Oil

Fractionated Coconut Oil

Anti-oxidant, antibacterial, and immune booster.