Itch Aid Blend 10ml Essential Oil Roller

Itch Roll-On

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A citrusy and floral healing blend to decrease itch, redness, dryness and scars.

Size:  10 ml roll-on

Essential Oil Blend for Itch Relief

This unique roll-on will aid in relieving various skin ailments including:

  • Itching Caused by Bites + Stings or Rashes.
  • Skin Inflammation.
  • Dryness.
  • Red Patchy Papules.

Internal purity radiates external beauty! Cleaning up your gut is the key ingredient to treating skin conditions. Our skin is our largest organ and reflects what is going on in the inside of our body. Our itch blend can relieve those uncomfortable irritations and promote clear skin while a nutritious, well balanced diet can promote gut health.

Our Goal! 

Itch Roll-On healing essential oils decreases intense itching, increases circulation and promotes new healthy skin tissue. The Carrot Seed and Lemon Essential oils minimize inflammation, and increase blood circulation needed for healing. Simply apply the roller directly to the affected area.

In addition to diet and dry brushing, you can support the skin by hydrating and nourishing the skin with natural, plant-based healing agents. Be sure to take a look at our line of natural skincare products by Osmosis!

Key Benefits

  • All-Natural & Non-Toxic.
  • Anti-Inflammatory.
  • Soothing + Mild for Sensitive Skin.
  • Boosts Immunity.
  • Promotes Healthy Skin Tissue.
  • Promotes Good Gut Health.
  • Itch Relieving Properties.
Applying Essential Oil to Reduce Itching


Shake well. Apply to area of concern. Area should be dry, pink and have no signs of irritation.

Apply to temples, behind hairline, pressure points (inner wrist, soles of feet, behind ears) and inhale.

Diffuser: Add 15-20 drops to a diffuser.


Essential Oil Blend with Lemon to Reduce Itching


Citrus limonum

Anti-itching properties and decreases inflammation.

Essential Oil Blend with Carrot Seed to Reduce Itching

Carrot Seed

Daucus carota

Antibacterial, anti-fungal, antioxidant, and decreases inflammation.

Essential Oil Blend with Coconut Oil for Skin Allergic Reaction

Fractionated Coconut Oil

Smoothes the skin, anti-oxidant, antibacterial, immune booster.