Face Mist with Frankincense Essential Oil

Stress Mist

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A woody, spicy, and scent to relax the mind and body while uplifting the soul and creating a feeling of well-being.

Size: 2 oz bottle + spray

Say No To Stress

When we feel stress, there is an increase in cortisol in our bodies. Increased cortisol can lead to aging, weight gain and disease. Today's busy lives and our constantly over stimulated brains must slow down. Our calming Stress blend is a better alternative to a prescription drug! Why not calm the mind with natural plant medicine?

The ingredients used in this all-natural spray is the same as our Stress Relief Oil Roll-On. We have conveniently packaged it in the form of a mist so you can easily grab and spray at any moment, or take with you while traveling.

Key Benefits

  • Eases Stress.
  • Balances Emotions.
  • Boosts Your Mood.
  • Reduces Tension.
  • Refreshing.
  • Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.
  • No Harmful Ingredients.

The Stress Mist pairs great with the Love Essential Oil Roll-On from the Uplift Mood Collection.

Applying the Stress Relief Spray to the Face


To calm the mind and uplift the soul,, mist 10-12 inches away from the entire face, neck and chest areas and inhale slowly.

Keep in your bag and use throughout the day.

Mist on the pillow as needed.


Using Frankincense Essential Oil to Manage Stress


Boswellia cartei

Meditative, nervous tension, anxiety, obsessive thinking, and fear.

Using Neroli Essential Oil to Manage Stress


Citrus aurantium

Relaxing, anti-depressant, anxiety, mood changes, and hormonal balancing.

Using Vitamin E Oil to Manage Stress

Vitamin E

Anti-oxidant and natural preservative.