Essential Oil Aid Blend for Wounds and Scars

Wound Roll-On

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A spicy, earthy, and floral healing blend to repair the fibroblasts and form collagen and elasticity to the skin. 

Size: 10 ml roll-on

 Minimizing Wounds with ESSENTIAL OILS

Have a nasty cut, acne marks, a bite, burn, surgical site, or stretch marks? These are all things that bring with it the fear of an unsightly, visible scar.

Don't fear! While there is no guarantee that any product will completely heal a wound, or to completely remove an existing scar, our Wound Roll-On can help treat and heal quickly. This first-aid blend with calming essential oils aids with:

  • Minimizing Inflammation.
  • Minimizing the Chances of Thickened Scar Tissue.
  • Reducing Pain.
  • Reducing Itching.
  • Fading a Scar Over Time.

This roll-on with essential oils to heal wounds also improves skin integrity while decreasing pain.   

The Power of Essential Oils

The Wound Roll-On works best when applying on a fresh wound. It contains all-natural and therapeutic essential oils with properties that include:

  • Anti-Inflammatory.
  • Antioxidants.
  • Antiseptic.
  • Rich in Fatty Acids.
  • Cellular Level Tissue Regeneration.

Apply every hour for best results. Essential oils are completely safe to use and a natural alternative to the synthetic products we use on our bodies and in our homes everyday.

Don't forget! Being pain-free is dependent on having a good night sleep. To calm the mind and aid with your aid, take a look at our unique Sleep Essential Oil Roller!

Essential Oil Roller for Treating Wounds


Apply to area of concern as needed.

Diffuser: Add 15-20 drops to a diffuser, scent ball or car diffuser to disperse the oils throughout the home, office or car.


Frankincense Used for Essential Oils


Boswellia carteri

Cuts, scars, ulcers, acne, wrinkles

Fresh Pink Grapefruit


Lavendula officinalis 

Burm, scar, antibacterial, all inflammations of the skin, calming, stress

Coconut Oil for Treating Wounds

Fractionated Coconut Oil

Smoothes the skin, anti-oxidant, antibacterial and provides immunity