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Sore Muscles + Inflammation +  Circulation

Soothing warmth is combined with an array of pharmaceutical grade, certified organic oils to promote core levels of healing throughout the system. The warmth of Yakima Peppermint expands pores for receiving and acts as a catalyst for absorption. This opening roots Yoga Balm. It allows the pore to accept our refined hand blend of pure, essential plant extracts chosen for each one’s independent ability to heal the system from within. Oils detoxify the body, promote new cell growth , reduce joint inflammation, improve blood flow & elevate mood. 

Size: 1.8 oz jar

Woman Applying Yoga Balm on Her Sore and Achy Muscles After Class


Rub it onto your sore spots and breathe deep to melt away the muscle tension after strenuous exercise or a long day at work.


Yoga Balm made with Peppermint Oil for Cooling and Relieving Muscle Pain


Mentha Piperta

Cooling and pain relieving action to ease headaches, migraines and toothaches, muscle pain, lumbago, bruises, joint pain and insect bites.

Yoga Balm with Frankincense Oil for Healing Sores and Wounds


Boswella sacra

Healing wounds, sores, ulcers, carbuncles, and inflammations. Antiseptic, astringent, carminative, digestive, diuretic, sedative, uterine, and vulnerary therapeutic properties.

Yoga Balm made with Olive Oil to Repair Skin Damage

Organic Olive Oil 

Anti-inflammatory,  reduce redness, calms skin, skin repair and damage control.