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Frankincense Diffuser Blend


Frankincense comforts the nerves and enhances concentration while nourishing the skin. It is a popular diffuser scent for the home.

Size: 15 ml

Boswellia carteri (Frankincense)

The properties of Frankincense include anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, immune stimulant astringent, and antiseptic.

Physical benefits:

Scarring, aging, wrinkles, wounds, ulcers, shortness of breath, sinus congestion, and diarrhea.

Emotional benefits:

Decreases anxiety, nervous tension, stress, and obsessive thinking yet encourages focus in a state of meditation.

Diffuser: Add 15-20 drops to a diffuser, scent ball or car diffuser to disperse the oils throughout the home, office or car. Apply with a carrier to temples, behind hairline, pressure points (inner wrist, soles of feet, behind ears) and inhale. Facial Steam: Add 15-20 drops to a bowl of steaming water; inhale deeply for 5-10 minutes. Massage: Add 1 drop to 2 tsp of carrier oil for local application.


frankincense essential oil benefits for skin


Facial Steamer: Add 4 drops to a bowl of water steam and inhale 5-10 minutes.

Massage: Add 4 drops to 2 tsp of carrier oil for local application.

Diffuser: Add 10-15 drops to your diffuser.


Fresh Frankincense Used in Essential Oil


Boswellia carteri

Calming, anxiety, nervous tension, meditative, scars, wrinkles, wounds, ulcers, and grounding.

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