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Internal Purity Radiates External Beauty.

The LUXXE | HONOR deep cleansing facial service treats the skin from the inside out. Our unique philosophy analyzes the skin and body as a whole to treat skin conditions at the source. Osmosis Pür Medical Skincare products focus on holistic healing, not harming.

Facial Service

Our 50-minute custom, deep cleansing facial will address skin conditions such as: acne, rosacea, aging and hyper-pigmentation. Natural fruit acids, derived from cranberry and pineapple enzymes rapidly exfoliate dead skin cells for immediate improvement in skin clarity and tone. Our natural products are formulated with green tea, fruit + flower extracts to help nourish the skin, build collagen & restore elasticity.

50 Minute Adult Facial | $85
45 Minute Teen Facial | $55

L | H facials are included in the Limited and Unlimited Self + Care Membership


Collagen Boost
This unique treatment activates a 30-day increase in collagen production and is a powerful catalyst in boosting the results of an Osmosis Facial. By gently penetrating several high dose ingredients deep into the dermis, Facial Infusion aids in combating acne, aging, rosacea and hyper-pigmentation all while avoiding damage to the skin. This rejuvenating service leaves your skin glowing.

Non-Invasive Microdermabrasion w/ Custom Blended Serum
Take your facial to the next level with this non-invasive tool that enhances product absorption by creating micro-channels for immediate & visible results with no downtime. A micro skin rejuvenation treatment that will penetrate custom blended ingredients and gently exfoliate the dead cells, this deep cleansing facial service will leave your skin, and lips plump & luminous while minimizing pore size, blemishes + hyper-pigmentation.

Non-Invasive Microdermabrasion w/ Collagen Boost
An enhanced skin treatment for someone who wants the ultimate invigorating facial! Add the this service to your Collagen boost and receive the ultimate remodeling through increasing circulation, boosting immunity and skin rejuvenation. This one of a kind nutrient infusion tool creates rapid cell turnover and penetrates high-dose ingredients deep into the dermis.

Facial Cupping
Our team of holistic health practitioners offers this unique alternative therapy, deeply rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Said to improve the flow of your “Qi”—the Chinese word for life force. By using small glass suction cups which are glided along the face, facial cupping increases blood flow and circulation stimulating lymphatic drainage, decreasing puffiness & relieving sinus congestion all while improving skin elasticity and relieving muscle tension. Relax, renew + emerge with a healthy, radiant glow!

Face Team

Nicole Kowalski-Bischmann | Aesthetician

Gail Jakobson | Aesthetician + Formulator