Sleep Scrub
SLEEP + RESTFUL + BALANCING Floral, spicy and slightly herbal, to exfoliate the skin while calming the mind and body and aid in sleep disturbances.   Size:  12 oz jar Essential Oils for Rest and Sleep Tossing and turning and in...
Grounding Scrub (Smokey Scent)
BALANCING+ EXFOLIATING + NOURISHING A smokey, citrus and floral scrub to calm the racing mind, uplift the soul and exfoliate dry skin.Size: 12 oz jar Grounding + Centering Essential Oil Blend Treat yourself with a Grounding + Centering scrub made with coconut sugar and...
Breathe Scrub
EXFOLIATING + SINUS + IMMUNE BOOSTING A forest-like, minty and fresh healing scrub to open the airways, increase immunity  clear the head and exfoliate the skin. Size: 12 oz jar Unique "Breathe Easy" Essential Oil Blend Regardless of the season, one...
Uplifting Scrub (Citrus Scent)
MEMORY + FOCUS + ALERTNESS A citrusy, woody, and minty mood scent to aid in concentration, memory and exfoliate the skin. Size:  12 oz jar  You Got This! The Focus scrub will enhances the senses and help you concentrate while...
Calming Bath Salt
DETOX + SLEEP + SOFTENING A floral, woodsy blend of botanicals that nourish the skin while detoxifying and calming the mind and body. The Epsom Salt rids the body of toxins and replenishes the magnesium electrolytes. The essential oils lavender, sweet...
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