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Meet The Founder

Jennifer Del Giudice

Owner & Founder

Luxxe | Honor wellness company was founded by Jen in 2014 as a natural product company coupled with wellness services.

Jen is a registered nurse, aromatherapist and oncology certified aesthetician. She believes that many of our stressors today are related to a weak gut caused by the inability to metabolize toxins. Jen knows that people are suffering emotionally and physically not only because of chemicals in food and the air, but also chemicals in products.

Luxxe | Honor products are all non-toxic, made with safe and authentic ingredients that work toward improving overall wellness for the mind, body + spirit.

Luxxe | Honor provides a self-care oasis to decompress and learn how to add natural and non-toxic products into your and your family's lifestyle.

As a healer Jen has awakened to receiving energy and helping others reach higher, happier vibrations which leads to improved overall wellness.

Studio Services-Team

  • Gina | Lead Manager + Intuitive Healer
  • Aestheticians
  • Massage Therapists
  • Intuitive Energy Healers
  • Lifestyle Coaching & Yoga
  • Sound Bath Specialist
  • Meditation Experts
  • Yoga Instructors
  • Product Formulator

Holistic Healers

Welcome to our holistic healer program. We are excited for you to begin your journey of elevated wellness. Each wellness provider was chosen with careful consideration and aligns with our passion to heal the mind and body through breath, flow, detox and mindfulness.

L | H members receive a 15% discount on workshops and 1:1 private sessions.

Gina - Intuitive Channeling

Gina is an intuitive healer, wise woman, inspirational mentor, weaver of wisdom, ceremonialist, singer, songwriter and mother.

She has masterfully guided hundreds of people through healing practices, one on one sessions, workshops, and retreats. She is passionate about spirituality and for the last 22 years and has been in service to humanity. She has an unwavering commitment to embody the essence of unconditional love and deep listening.

Gina also developed TruSelf Empowerment, a self empowerment program for preteen & teen girls and has also produced a yoga & singsong CD for kids called The Blue Alligator. She went through her first meditation training in 1999 and has been studying the healing arts for the last 22 years.

Peter Canellis -Sound Bath

"Sound is – and always will be – the medicine for mankind. By providing a diverse soundscape nirvana using a variety of tones, textures and frequencies, we bring the healing powers of sound into one sensory environment."

Studio Instructors

  • Anne | Yoga Flow
  • Kelly | Yoga Sculpt I HIIT
  • Jacqueline | Yoga Sculpt
  • Lesa | Yoga Stretching

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