Lavender Lip Balm
Brimming with rich oils and hydrating butters like shea butter that brings smooth and deep lasting hydration without leaving any waxy residue.  Great for the the summer and winter months to stay extra luscious and soft all day long
Grounding Scrub (Smokey Scent)
BALANCING+ EXFOLIATING + NOURISHING A smokey, citrus and floral scrub to calm the racing mind, uplift the soul and exfoliate dry skin.Size: 12 oz jar Grounding + Centering Essential Oil Blend Treat yourself with a Grounding + Centering scrub made with coconut sugar and...
Sleep Scrub
SLEEP + RESTFUL + BALANCING Floral, spicy and slightly herbal, to exfoliate the skin while calming the mind and body and aid in sleep disturbances.   Size:  12 oz jar Essential Oils for Rest and Sleep Tossing and turning and in...
Breathe Scrub
EXFOLIATING + SINUS + IMMUNE BOOSTING A forest-like, minty and fresh healing scrub to open the airways, increase immunity  clear the head and exfoliate the skin. Size: 12 oz jar Unique "Breathe Easy" Essential Oil Blend Regardless of the season, one...
Uplifting Scrub (Citrus Scent)
MEMORY + FOCUS + ALERTNESS A citrusy, woody, and minty mood scent to aid in concentration, memory and exfoliate the skin. Size:  12 oz jar  You Got This! The Focus scrub will enhances the senses and help you concentrate while...
Calming Bath Salt
DETOX + SLEEP + SOFTENING A floral, woodsy blend of botanicals that nourish the skin while detoxifying and calming the mind and body. The Epsom Salt rids the body of toxins and replenishes the magnesium electrolytes. The essential oils lavender, sweet...
Ground Diffuser Blend
CALMING + BALANCING+ UPLIFTING A smokey, citrus and floral mood scent to calm the racing mind, uplift the soul, and comfort the nerves. Great for day or a night out on the town.Size: 15 ml bottle The Ground oil essential oil will...
Sleep Diffuser Blend
SOOTHING + RESTFUL + BALANCING Floral, spicy and slightly herbal, to calm the mind and body and aid in sleep disturbances.   Size:  15 ml bottle Benefits: Mental exhaustion Insomnia Anxiety Stress Nervous tension Mood swings Calming
Breathe Diffuser Blend
ANTIBACTERIAL + SINUS + IMMUNE BOOSTINGA forest-like, minty and fresh healing scent to open the airways, increase immunity and clear the head.   Size: 15 ml bottle Regardless of the season, one suffers from allergy, cold and flu. Our Breathe blend...
Stress Diffuser Blend
GROUNDING + BALANCING + CALMING A woody, spicy, and scent to relax the mind and body while uplifting the soul and creating a feeling of well-being. Size: 15 ml bottle The Stress essential oil blend will calm the mind and balance hormones. Perfect for...
Focus Diffuser Blend
MEMORY + UPLIFTING + ALERTNESS A citrusy, woody, and minty mood scent to aid in concentration, memory and clear the mind for school, work or errands throughout the day.Size: 15 ml bottle The Focus oil essential blend will enhances the senses and...
Frankincense Diffuser Blend
ANXIETY + NERVOUS TENSION + SKIN SOOTHINGA balsamic, spicy and earthy scent. Frankincense comforts the nerves and enhances concentration  Nourishing to the skin, it is a popular ingredient in skincare products.Size:  15 ml bottle Extraction Method: The oil derives from the...
Lavender Diffuser Blend
CALMING + PAIN + BALANCES EMOTIONSFloral and slightly herbal,  Lavender soothes the nervous system, and helps with Insomnia.  This herbaceous oil is often used alone or in many of our relaxing blends.Size: 15 ml bottleExtraction Method:  Distilled from the violet-blue...
Tea Tree Diffuser Blend
CLEANSING + RESTORE + INVIGORATESharp and medicinal, Tea Tree is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and  immune stimulant.Size: 15 ml bottleExtraction Method:  Distilled from the needle-like leaves and twigs of the Australian shrub. Tea Tree essential oil has many physical and emotional benefits. The...
Lemon Diffuser Blend
UPLIFTING + CLEANSING + CRISPA fresh, citrus and bright, Lemon is a brain stimulant and often used in cleaning products because of its' astringent properties.Size: 15 ml bottleExtraction Method:  Cold-pressed from the rind of ripe yellow lemons.  One pound of...
Love Diffuser Blend
LIBIDO + LOVING + PEACEAn exotic, earthy, and floral to balance hormones and emotions. This blend balances hormones and is an aphrodisiac. Size:  15 ml bottle The Love essential blend will enhances the libido and open the heart Chakra!  The Love blend...
Peppermint Diffuser Blend
UPLIFTING + FOCUSING + INVIGORATING Strong, sharp and minty, Peppermint supports mental performance and alertness and addresses gastric issues, lethargy, and mental fatigue. Great to diffuse for a pick me up. Size: 15 ml bottlePhysical benefits: Headache Fever Cold Muscular spasms...
Scotch Pine Difffuser Blend
DISINFECTANT + REVITALIZE + ANTISEPTICFresh and forest-like, Scotch Pine is a natural deodorant and disinfectant. Scotch Pine is great to add in cleaning products and has antiviral and anti-fungal properties.  Size: 15 ml bottle Benefits: Uplifting Muscular stiffness Sore throat...
Grapefruit Diffuser Blend
UPLIFTING + CLEANSING + REFRESHINGA citrus, fresh and bright scent. Grapefruit elevates the mood and eases nervous exhaustion. Size:  15 ml bottleExtraction Method:  Expressed from the rind of the yellow fruit that grows on a large subtropical tree. Grapefruit essential oil...
Itch Roll-On (Relieves Bites & Dryness)
IRRITATED + SKIN + INFLAMED A citrusy and floral healing blend to decrease itch, redness, dryness and scars. Size:  10 ml roll-on Essential Oil Blend for Itch Relief This unique roll-on will aid in relieving various skin ailments including: Itching Caused by...
Bug Oil Repellent
INSECT REPELLENT + OUTDOOR PROTECTION  A lemon-like, woody and sweet homemade bug repellant that keeps those "pesty" insects away from the body.  Size: 2 oz bottle + pump Enjoy the outdoors without being eaten alive while also avoiding those toxic and chemical-laden...
Purify Cleanser
EXFOLIATE + CITRUS + ENZYMESRid the skin of dirt and toxins while providing a gentle daily exfoliation with citrus enzymes and essential oils for a smooth, radiant finish.Skin Types:  Aging, Pigmented, Oily/Blemish-ProneSize: 50 ml
Cleanse Facial Cleanser (Sensitive skin)
GENTLE + PURIFY + FRUITA kiwi and kumquat oil based cleanser for normal/dry skin that stimulate the senses with a hint of peppermint. This oil cleanser removes dirt, makeup, and environmental toxins while leaving the skin clean and hydrated. Skin types:...
Anti-aging Stem Factor Serum
GROWTH FACTOR + CELL REPAIR + YOUTHFUL This is the most clinically proven and technologically advanced growth factor serum by utilizes patented methods to feed stem cells and fibroblasts to replenish the skin's shortage of growth factors and proteins. This...

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