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Sleep Body Oil


A floral, sweet, warm blend of toning oils that enhances relaxation and calmness. These essential oils target sleep issues and anxiety. French Lavender helps to promote relaxation as sweet Mandarin settles stress-related conditions.

Size: 4 fl. oz.

    Size: 4oz
    • Lavender -  soothes the nervous system & improves sleep.
    • Mandarin -  promotes a sedative-like state that eases stress related conditions. 
    • Marjoram - promotes a sleep states & eases mental exhaustion.
    • It is believed that ancient Greeks would use Lavender to fight insomnia.
    • Our blend of Lavender, Sweet Marjoram and Mandarin is the perfect blend to go night night and relax the mind and body.
    • This body oil is beneficial to apply when needing calmness & peace.

    Shake well & apply 1-2 pumps over upper or lower body. The oil can also be mixed in a favorite lotion for a more dewy texture. 

    Add 1 tsp to a full bath and swish to disperse well. Use caution getting in and out of the tub as the surface may be slippery.

    Grapeseed Oil,Vitamin E, Lavendula officinalis (Lavender), Citrus reticulata(Mandarin),Origanum marjorana(Sweet Marjoram).

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