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Media Appearances

Clean Beauty Expert Jen, RN & Aromatherapist

Jennifer Del Giudice, RN & Aromatherapist, is the founder of LUXXE HONOR and a recognized clean beauty expert. Jen’s journey into the heart of clean beauty and wellness began not just from her professional background as a registered nurse, aromatherapist, and oncology certified aesthetician, but from a deeply personal quest. When her daughter faced serious health challenges linked to toxic ingredients in everyday products, she embarked on a mission to unearth and eliminate these hidden dangers. This fueled the creation of Luxxe Honor Beauty, a transformative line of botanical skincare that naturally bridges the gap between health and beauty.

Jen's story is one of innovation, compassion, and commitment to well-being. Her pioneering work in developing products that nurture both body and soul has captured the attention of the media, establishing her as a leading voice in the clean beauty revolution. Browse Jennifer's media appearances below, each underscoring her role as an advocate for safe and natural skincare solutions.

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