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Our Team

LUXXE | HONOR supports individual holistic health practitioners from a variety of backgrounds with different areas of expertise.

Jennifer Del Giudice

Owner & Founder

I founded LUXXE | HONOR in 2014. LUXXE represents luxurious, however this was not the reason I chose LUXXE. My husband and I spend every year with our three daughters traveling to Mexico and stay at the Grand Luxxe resort. The word LUXXE represents fun and family for me! I truly resonated with the word HONOR and felt a must to incorporate this word in my business - honoring my passion and strike of balance with family and career embodied the spirit of LUXXE | HONOR. I am a registered nurse, aromatherapist and oncology certified aesthetician.

 Fulfilling my dream to educate people on toxins in skincare products and decreasing stress, I am motivated by helping others on a deeper health level, supporting the mindset of de-stressing and keeping family balance. I live in Western Springs and am married with 3 girls and 3 step-daughters.


I believe that many of our stressors today are related to a weak gut caused by the inability to metabolize toxins. I believe that people are suffering emotionally and physically not only because of chemicals in food and air, but also chemicals in PRODUCTS. There are so many toxic chemicals in American products that are banned in Europe, and these toxins are causing havoc on our bodies.

 My three girls had severe gut issues and allergies. We went from doctor to doctor for many years. After seeking natural remedies such as gluten free options, organic food, and SAFE PRODUCTS, the healing began both physically and emotionally.

 LUXXE | HONOR wellness company is a natural skincare product company coupled with wellness services. With my nursing and aromatherapy background, I create natural essential oil blends that are therapeutic and beautifully scented. LUXXE | HONOR products are all non-toxic, made with safe and authentic ingredients that work toward improving overall wellness for the mind, body + spirit. LUXXE | HONOR provides a self + care oasis to decompress and learn how to add natural and non-toxic products into your and your family's lifestyle.

 I am on a crusade against toxins and stress, to make healthy, clean products and educate people on ways to lead healthier and happier lives. I believe that internal purity radiates exterior beauty and No Junk, No Doubt!

Meet Our Team

Internal Purity | External Beauty 

Studio Team

  • Ann | Product Formulator
  • Maria Burrow | Aesthetician + Waxing
  • Flora | Aesthetician
  • Ashleigh | Massage
  • Indie | Massage
  • Tomas | Massage
  • Gail Ann | Reiki Master
  • Valerie | Reiki Master
  • Kelly | Yoga conditioning Restorative Yoga
  • Anna | Zumba
  • Halle | Yoga strength | Core strength
  • Jaci | Restorative Yoga + Meditation
  • Susan | Yoga Sculpt

Wellness Practitioners

  • Sara • Acupuncture | Sandra •  Lymphatic Drainage
  • Laura • Energy Channeler | Hanna • Energy Channeler
  • Gina • Hypnotherapist | Energy Health coach
  • Gail Ann • Reiki Master | Maura • Neuromuscular Activation
  • Melissa • Massage | Tomas s • Massage
  • Jackie • Health Coaching |  Dr. Tami s • Functional Doctor
  • Kelly • Yoga Sculpt | Jacqueline • Yoga sculpt Men's Yoga 
  • Lisa • Yoga Sculpt 
  • Lesa • BUTI

Corporate Team 

  • Jen Del Giudice | Owner + Founder
  • Lori | Studio Manager
  • Erin | Studio Manager

We believe internal purity exudes exterior beauty! We are on a crusade against toxins and stress, to make clean and safe products and to help people lead healthier and happier lives.


Organic Products

Our premium quality, all natural products are all made in small batches in our flagship store.

All our ingredients are locally sourced from manufacturers in LaGrange, IL.

A Proudly owned establishment run and operated by women.

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