Jennifer Del Giudice | Owner & Founder

Jennifer founded Luxxe Organix wellness studio in 2014. Jen is a registered nurse, aromatherapist and oncology certified aesthetician.  After receiving her degree at The Ohio State University, Jen was a registered nurse at Children's Memorial Hospital and nurse manager of Maryville Medically Complex  Children's Shelter. Fulfilling her dream to educate people on toxins in products and decreasing stress, Jen is motivated by helping others on a deeper health level, supporting mindset of de-stressing and keeping family balance.   Jen lives in Western Springs and is married with 3 girls.  Jen's favorite products are the aluminum-free deodorant + facial serum.



Stefanie Schodrof | Owner & Founder

Stef has a strong business background with several years working in marketing in sales for Fortune 500 and international companies.  Stef's professional background also includes over 10 years in the financial markets and 15 years marketing. Stef has an MBA from Kellogg Northwestern and undergraduate Bachelor of Commerce degree from University of Calgary, Canada. With a passion for helping others and transforming lives, Stefanie successfully owned/operated 3 franchise barre + cycle exercise studios from 2009-2017 in the Chicagoland area. Stef lives in La Grange and is married with 3 children. Stef's favorite products are the FOCUS roll on + aluminum-free Peppermint deodorant.




Igor Pitonak
Mindful Breath Instructor
Igor Pitonak is a graduate of Technical University in Kosice, Slovakia with a masters degree in electrical engineering. He studied bioenergetics with Berdhanya Swami Tierra and furthered his understanding of life through yogic practice and meditation. Certified in healing modalities, he has an inspiring glow of someone who practiced meditation with intent and dedication each morning and observed philosophy of life with awe and respect.

Sue Chilton
Mindful Movement + Breath Instructor 🔥
Sue has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, and brings a great sensitivity of body mechanics to her teaching. She is a master at helping her students work deeply within the comfort zone of their capabilities, something our students with mobility issues love about her! In addition to her 200 hour certification, Sue has special training in both Prenatal and Senior Yoga. Her undergraduate work in philosophy is reflected in her interest in Yoga philosophy, as she includes inspiration drawn from many global sources in her teaching, such as nature, music, poetry and ancient texts, as well as a new theme every week.  

Kelly Furmanek
Mindful Breath Instructor 🔥🔥, Acupuncturist | Chinese Herbalist
Kelly is a meditation guide, acupuncturist, yogi, writer, swimmer, essential oils educator, and a lover of learning, but first and foremost she is a mother and life coordinator to her three children and husband. She received her clairvoyant meditation training in an apprenticeship style, under the expertise of the lovely Kerry Dontchos, with whom she continues to expand her practice, knowledge, and growth as a practitioner, teacher and individual. Kelly obtained her master’s degree in Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 2009, and is a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist, who subscribes to the belief that the body naturally tends toward a healthy state.In 2004, she became a certified Yoga instructor, and after 20 years of practice she continues to evolve and is recently inspired by the wisdom of Elena Brower and Rod Stryker. Find her at essential-you.com.

Aimee McNally
Mindful Movement + Breath Instructor 🔥🔥
Aimee believe yoga provides a pathway to enlightenment, better physical and mental health as well as a more harmonious life. Yoga provided a much-needed balance to her athletic lifestyle. She completed her 200 CYT and enthusiastically shares the philosophy, physical and mental benefits in her classes.

Halle McCormick
Mindful Movement + Foam Rolling/Strength 🔥🔥🔥
Halle has been teaching group fitness classes since 2004. She began this mission teaching cardio-kickboxing, but now teaches everything from cycle, bootcamps, circuit and core. She is a certified group fitness instructor through ACE and a certified Personal Trainer through SCW. She also holds a bootcamp certification and a cycle certification through Scwinnand has also completed a 5 hour foam rolling training course. Teaching foam rolling and core stability classes has become her latest passion. She strives to provide individuals with the tools and knowledge to feel better and move better. Halle is a fitness enthusiast and has completed many triathlons and 10 marathons - including the Boston Marathon in 2011.She will bring a positive energy to the class and will motivate you through your sessions.


Jacqueline McCarty
Mindful Movement + Mindful Breath Instructor 🔥, Mind, Body & Spirit Coach
Jaci McCarty is an expert in the Mind/Body connection and its ability to heal us. As a certified yoga teacher for 13 years and certified Meditation/Mindfulness Teacher for 6 years, Jaci has developed the expertise and skills to effectively guide her students into a greater sense of well being and peace. Jaci gives talks on the benefits of Mindfulness and Stress Management and has been actively teaching for over 13 years. Jaci’s ability to listen to her students' needs, as well as minds and bodies facilitates healing on both levels. Find her at www.omatwork.net.


Stefanie Schodrof
Mindful Movement + Strength Instructor 🔥🔥🔥
Stefanie has been a fitness + barre instructor since 2009 and most recently an owner of 3 franchise barre studios. She has a passion for helping people find enjoyment in moving their bodies and ensuring everyone feel successful in class. All classes taught by Stefanie are unique, include props (free weights, sliders, weighted bars, straps...) are core stability based, and, most importantly, designed to help tone the brain with unexpected variations and patterns of movements to build up neuroplasticity. Stefanie is also owner of the LUXXE | HONOR La Grange location and an avid lover of mountain life, her family and wellness in general.


Amanda Karas
Mindful Movement + Pilates Instructor 🔥🔥🔥
Amanda grew up a dancer and gymnast and continued through college. She was first introduced to Pilates at the young age of 12. After several lower back injuries and chronic pain, she decided to pursue Pilates to rehab her back. Amanda is also a certified yoga instructor. She enjoys teaching movement to help others with injuries and overall well-being. When Amanda isn't teaching, she enjoys golf and tennis with her husband and pool time with her daughter. 





Nicole Kowalski
Face + Care Specialist
Nicole is a mom of two and has been an esthetician since 1995. She is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and loves educating others about reducing toxic load. Nicole is also a Certified Health Coach through the Health Coach Institute, and enjoys making healthy habit suggestions during her treatments. While Nicole loves promoting a healthy lifestyle, she also realizes that people want to enjoy life too! She is now a wine consultant for Scout & Cellar, which is a clean crafted wine company that only provides wine that is free of any toxic chemicals, pesticides and added sugar.


Gail Jakobsen
Face + Care Specialist
After years as a travel consultant, pursuing her passion to explore different countries and cultures, Gail decided to pursue another great passion—skincare. She has been an Esthetician for over 10 years and believes in a simplistic and holistic approach to healthy, glowing skin. Gail uses Facial Cupping Rejuvenation - an alternative therapy deeply ingrained in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Small glass suction cups are glided along the face to increase blood flow and circulation, allow for lymphatic drainage, decrease puffiness, relieve sinus congestion, improve skin elasticity, and help relieve muscle tension. It is said to improve the flow of your “Qi” - the Chinese word for life force. With this facial you will relax, renew, and emerge with a healthy, radiant glow! In her free time she enjoys roller skating, hanging out with family and friends, traveling, and sharing her knowledge of a clean-living lifestyle.


Joan Llewelly-Burns
Reiki, Reflexology & Crystal Healing Practitioner
Joan is passionate about how reiki, reflexology & crystal healing therapies are able to help reduce stress, improve circulation and elimination, normalize body rhythms, reduce pain, decrease anxiety, improve sleep and help the body find its natural state of balance. Joan is a special needs mom and is always looking for natural ways to support her children. She loves using the gifts of Mother Earth to improve her and her family's health and well being.





Jenna Larmon
Aromatherapy Formulator
Jenna produces many handmade products such as deodorant, lip balms, bath bombs and body sprays. She has spent years at home raising her four kids and crafting everything from quilts to candles. She is excited to bring her “maker” spirit to LUXXE|HONOR and our in-house line of hand-crafted products.


Cori Hamilton
Wholesale Channel Manager
Cori is a natural product, mindfulness enthusiast and mom. When searching for natural products to use, she believes what's good for her is good for her family, too. When she is not with her family, Cori enjoys yoga, pilates, barre, tennis, and walking her two golden retrievers--alone or with her lovely, like-minded friends.


Dawn Minella
Retail Coordinator
Dawn is a 30+ year resident of Western Springs where she raised her 3 children and still resides with her husband. She is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and educating others to do the same. She is always looking for opportunities to further her knowledge about clean living. Dawn is an animal lover who enjoys spending time with friends and family, reading, and watching baseball, especially the Cubs.

Jenny Hall
Community Coordinator
Jenny has an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an undergraduate degree in accounting from Bradley University. She is a Certified Public Accountant who has experience working for several Fortune 500 companies in both accounting and marketing. Her interest in organic food and reducing toxins began in college, and continues to this day. Jenny loves the idea of working for a business she can believe in, and that aligns with her values of safe, non-toxic products and helping others. Jenny's favorite LUXXE | HONOR products are the new Eleven signature scent roll-on, Lemongrass deodorant and lip balm!




In 2017, Jennifer Del Giudice and Stefanie Schodrof partnered with the shared passion to help others. With this journey to collaborate, they both truly resonated with the word HONOR and felt a must to incorporate this word in their new partnership - honoring their passions and strike of balance with family and career. LUXXE|HONOR embodied their spirit and have incorporated Honor Thy as a category lead for all products and services.
LUXXE|HONOR is a wellness company;  first and foremost a natural product company coupled with wellness services that provide natural health and aromatherapy services.  Jen and Stef have a passion to educate people on toxins that are sourced from the air we breathe, food we eat and PRODUCTS we put on our skin.  Jen and Stef believe that many of our stressors today are related to a weak gut caused by the inability to metabolize toxins. LUXXE|HONOR products are all non-toxic, work towards improved gut health and laced with education.  

LUXXE|HONOR's longterm business model is to not only own and operate a flagship full-service wellness center including natural products and safe wholesome services but also to take the products to a national level and franchise new locations.

LUXXE|HONOR is for everyone; we are an oasis for people to come in to decompress and receive education on healthy lifestyle changes.  We treat the whole body and believe that internal purity radiates exterior beauty.
As Jen and Stef always say when asked what we do at LUXXE|HONOR, “We are on a crusade against toxins and stress, to make healthy, clean products and educate people on ways to lead healthier and happier lives."