Teen Bundle
Send your teens back to school or into the colder months feeling refreshed and restored with our 100% non-toxic products. White EO Diffuser Dry Shampoo Lavender Tea Tree Deodorant Sleep EO Blend Hand Sanitizer Lip Balm Chakra Bracelet Focus EO Roll-On...
Housewarming Bundle
Gift your hosts (or yourself) a bundle of joy to keep their homes smelling + feeling fresh! This is also a great gift for teachers + workers. Tea Towel Sage Bundle Wool Dryer Balls One and Done Disinfectant Cleaner Spray...
Women's Bundle
Make the women in your life feel extra special + cared for with this uplifting ultimate self-care bundle. Includes: Natural Non Toxic Candle Necklace Bath Salt Facial Oil Love Roll-On Cleansing Oil Rosemary + Ylang Ylang Body Oil Lymph Brush...
Men's Bundle
Let the men in your life know that they deserve non-toxic self-care, too! Includes: Dry Brush Body Scrub Brown EO Diffuser Sleep EO Blend Peppermint Tea Tree Deodorant Focus Roll-On Shaving Cream Lip Balm in a Jute Bag
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