Ache Blend (Relieves Muscular & Joint Pain)
CIRCULATION + PAIN + INFLAMMATION  Herbal and medicinal healing blend to help provide oxygenated blood to compromised areas and helps decreases pain and inflammation in joints and muscles. Size: 10 ml roll-on Essential Oil Blend for Muscle Pain For many...
Headache Blend (Relieves Tension & Pain)
COOLING + SOOTHING + REFRESHING A minty, floral and fresh healing scent to decrease pain and clear the mind. Size:  10 ml roll-on Cooling Head Essential Oil Blend Stress, hormones or lack of sleep can cause headaches. Our busy lives take us...
Itch Roll-On (Relieves Itchiness & Dryness)
IRRITATED + SKIN + INFLAMED A citrusy floral healing blend helps to decrease itchiness, redness, dryness, and scarring. Size:  10 ml roll-on Essential Oil Blend for Itch Relief This unique roll-on aids in relieving various skin ailments including: Itching Caused by Bites...
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