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Yoga Classes

Hatha: In our Hatha practice, we hold poses at a slower pace, linking our breath to movement. Great place to begin your practice if you're new to yoga. 

Kid's Yoga: Here for the fun of it. All ages welcome. Get the wiggles out, sing along and find a link to the calming and physical aspects of yoga practice.

Restorative: 60 minutes of pure relaxation. This practice was built to reset your nervous system after being immersed in a culture where we are expected to perform at high anxiety levels in life. We hold postures for 3-5 minutes, and are completely supported by blocks, straps, and bolsters.

Vinyasa Yoga: An active form of yoga that involves a quick and challenging pace. Postures commonly include strength poses that build heat within.

Workshops & Classes

Our workshops are tailored to your needs. We offer yoga, mediation, breath work, and conversation on how to decompress and live a life of joy and balance.

We offer monthly Sound Baths, Meditation and a variety of health related topics taught by our holistic coaches.

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