Breathe Diffuser Blend
ANTIBACTERIAL + SINUS + IMMUNE BOOSTINGA minty forest-like scented healing scrub to help open airways, increase immunity, and clear the head. Diffuse in the office, home, classroom, or anywhere inside. Size: 15 ml bottle Regardless of the season, one can suffer...
Tea Tree Diffuser Blend
CLEANSING + RESTORE + INVIGORATE Sharp and medicinal, Tea Tree is an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and immune stimulant. Diffuse in areas where the air needs purification.Size: 15 ml bottleExtraction Method:  Distilled from the needle-like leaves and twigs of the Australian shrub....
Immune Blend (Improves Cold & Flu Symptoms)
ANTIBACTERIAL + IMMUNE BOOSTING + ANTIOXIDANT A fresh spicy and citrusy healing blend that helps increase immunity, fight infection and purify the air.Size:  10 ml Roll-On Natural Immune Support Regardless of the season, one can suffer from cold and flu-like symptoms....
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