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Holistic Healers & Energy Work

Who wants to be happy? Our holistic healers have the answers!

Please take time for yourself and see one of our holistic healers. Each of them has a special technique but their purpose is the same.  The goal is to decrease the stress level and open the body (chakras) to allow oneself to get into a higher peace of mind. Through energy & sound healing, channeling, breath & meditation, you will explore the truth of who you really are, connect with your higher power and learn tools on how to get happy and healthy. 

Explore their offerings and feel what resonates with you.

Gina Slager

Gina has masterfully guided hundreds of people through healing practices, one on one sessions, workshops, and retreats. She is passionate about spirituality and for the last 22 years and has been in service to humanity. She has an unwavering commitment to embody the essence of unconditional love and deep listening.

Inspirational Coaching

Each session is tailor made to your healing needs.  The goal is to help you gain a better understanding of who you are and to go within to heal the mind body and spirit. Energy healing benefits include : stress relief, deep rest, well being, longevity, breaking through limited beliefs/patterns and learning to listen to your intuitive still quiet voice. 

***Group sessions available upon request.

Young Adult Inspirational Coaching

This private session inspires each teen/college student to stay on track using emotional intelligence and coping strategies for dealing with the daily stresses of life.

Dr. Jaimie Lewis, MD

A private lifestyle consulting and yoga session that tailors to you and your specific health conditions and wellness goals, with an aim to promote balance of your whole being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Peter Canellis

Sounding Healing - Whether you come in for a private session or join a community sound bath, your only requirement is to lie in stillness and soak in the sound. The rest will happen naturally. Join me for my sound healing nirvana. I look forward to helping enrich your life one beat, tune, frequency and vibration at a time.

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